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Weekend Sale !!!!

17 April 2015
Penawaran eksklusif hanya untuk anda

PrimeBiz Jakarta

17 April 2015
Prime Plaza Hotels & Resorts kini menambah jaringan hotel di wilayah Ibukota Jakarta dengan menggunakan brand PRIMEBIZ.

Anniversary Package

03 March 2015
Penawaran menarik hanya untuk anda !!!

Weekend Sale !!!!

13 January 2015
Weekend Sale !!! Get special price & place...

Cuisine Series - Batagor

22 February 2020

Batagor stands for “Bakso Tahu Goreng” which means fried bakso and tofu. The bakso is made of ground fish meat, starch, spring onion, salt, and pepper. It’s filled inside the tofu, deep-fried into a crisp and cut into small pieces. The last step is to drizzle the fritters with a delicious peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and lime juice – if you love something spicy, just add some sambal sauce.

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